EOSource 6.5 release
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EOSource 6.5 has been released. Click Here to download it.


[/] Fixed the BoxTitle/BoxMessage in message.ini where the option "Never show again" did nothing
[/] Fixed an issue with dying through spikes, causing you to spawn at the wrong coordinates
[/] Fixed CTF bug where a CTF would never end due to inactivity when a player logs out
[/] Fixed CTF bug where a flag would in certain cases not be removed from your inventory
[/] Fixed CTF bug that used to prevent people from warping out
[/] Fixed a bug in devilgate that used to prevent people from warping out
[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by using $unban and the $sunban command
[/] Fixed a bug where you would get 0 TNL at fishing/mining/woodcutting when switching to combat
[/] Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get the right amount of EXP as member
[/] Fixed a bug where members would get double exp when they're in a party
[/] Fixed bug where people could keep hitting the chest in the event room
[/] Fixed #pet reborn (renamed PetReborn to PetRebirth in commands.ini)
[/] Fixed a dupe bug in AdminTradeProtection when putting something in a chest
[/] Fixed that pets can no longer exceed their maximum HP (e.g 250/100 HP)
[/] Fixed an issue that stopped pets from healing even if they have the right rebirth level
[/] Fixed a bug that showed '0' in your quest book, caused by the NewPlayer achievement
[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by spawning pets using $sn

[+] Added PKItem in config.ini to reward players for killing players
[+] Added $sunjail to silently unjail people
[+] Added unail to the language files
[+] Added buffitems.ini to buff through items instead of spells
[+] Added that you can no longer use the party warp spell on event maps

[*] Modified member items usage in members.ini

17/08/15 04:00PM Wow you must be really stupid for not knowing how to use something simple as Eosource.
26/05/15 05:00PM Message just cerious how do u make a server and i wanna make a server but idk how so can u just send me a email of how to do it please and thank u.
Mia Elaine Mcfarlane
16/11/14 07:58AM I was just wondering why eosource is not working so get back to me when you can tell me why.
16/11/14 07:57AM LOL nubs
06/10/14 09:22PM Thank you very much hollow. I know many people dont use eosource anymore but for people like me who do, I am very grateful
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