EOSource 6.7 release
Posted by hollow - 22/08/15 07:10PM - 4 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5
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[+] Added AllowTalking option in pet.ini and a command to hide messages when a pet tries to pick up an item or has no TP to heal it's owner
[+] Added an option in misc.ini to enable regeneration items, turned off on default as it may conflict with main EO's pubs unknown values
[+] Added an option in equipment.ini to increase weight capacity by equipping a bag.
[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by spawning a pet that's killed through the $dnpc command.
[/] Fixed that if no specific armor is set in CTF or PVP the armor of a player no longer disappears.
[/] Fixed a bug that caused your character to refresh by unequipping an item if you have an item with subtype HiddenHair equiped
[*] Character names in console messages now start with a capital letter.

27/08/15 04:10AM There's a possibility that the map is corrupt. I also experience problems with the Crow (npc ID 1) being bugged and causing that. If you're using npc ID 1 make sure to duplicate it and use that version of the Crow instead.

If you still have problems feel free to add me on skype.

26/08/15 06:20AM There is a problem when player use warp // #warp mining the maps go black but when a admin uses admin commands to go to a map eg $warp 1 the map is fine could u help me with that and nice development
26/08/15 01:49AM i have a error trying to update server with my database what can i do to prevent having to restart my server again
23/08/15 12:18AM Keep em going mate ;)
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