EOSource 6.8 release
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[+] Added that until PVP officialy started players and pets can't kill anyone
[+] Added an option to devilgate.ini to configure how much time players have after all waves ended before they get warped out
[+] Added AOEWeapons, AOESpells, WarpSpells option to misc.ini, this is disabled on default as it may conflict with main EO's pubs
[+] Added that potions are not being removed from a player's inventory with full HP or TP
[+] Added rebirth level requirement for devil gates
[/] Fixed that the marriage dialog that shows that the partner isn't properly dressed is now shown to the correct partner
[/] Fixed that players with a rebirth level but a lower level than the DevilLevelReq can now enter the devil gate
[/] Fixed EventTimer in event.ini not warping any players to the Eventlocation if MaxAdminLevel is set to 0
[/] Fixed that if a selected player for the warp event is jailed or walled that it'll look for another player to warp instead
[/] Fixed that if a pet casts a spell, the TP is no longer being taken away from the player

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