Codename-buthole Warning
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Codename-buthole is a team consisting of the following members:

  • Wildsurvival
  • Jimmy (
  • Andrewbob
  • and more.

They have been Phishing passwords by hosting a server called codename-butthole and servers such as fates-redemption.

Please do not log into these servers and stop using the same passwords on EO servers!

And if you have been using the same password then CHANGE IT NOW!

03/02/13 03:41PM Ok so what if i did trust andrewbob elevations u can't change what happen i still trust andrewbob me him were good friends he help make me and my server. So what if i have bugs in my client other servers have them to.All u want is for people to leave our servers and go to yours i'm done with u elevations keep banning me from eosource no wonder barley many people like u
03/02/13 03:38PM s
11/01/13 04:58PM "get your facts straight" You're right, you need your facts straight because elevations forund a "Rat" in Brians client that's why he believes it was him, I am not sure about the rat in the client because I don't think brian knows anything about how to use a rat but w.e.
11/01/13 03:48PM Elevations y would brian steal peoples users thats stupid ive known him for 2 years seriousely get ur facts straight before acuseing someone of something
07/01/13 09:30AM What did i do i don't steal people information
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