EOSource 5.8 Release
Posted by elevations - 04/04/13 07:44AM - 2 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hello, i know there has not been many updates to EOSource lately but i have recently compiled and updated EOSource to the latest EOSERV revision 382 and fixed a few bugs detailed below:

All EOSource users should download this latest update to prevent crash bugs and duplication.

[+] - Added
[-] - Removed
[*] - Modified
[/] - Fixed

[/] Fixed pet duplication bug.
[/] Fixed invisible characters when warping to new maps or entering areas.
[/] Fixed news to display properly
[/] Fixed #update command crash bug

[+] Added all of latest EOSERV REV changes
[+] Connections made from automatically create admin characters (server operator)

Download Link

20/06/13 05:55PM nice rev but
remove auto admin for localhost

09/04/13 04:41PM Nice release! Matt when you see this could you send me an email to I need to speak with you.
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