EOSource 5.9 Release
Posted by elevations - 29/06/13 11:00AM - 0 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

EOSource 5.9 has now been released with the following updates:

EOSource 5.9 Changes:

[/] Possibly fixed pet on death crash bug (rare occurence)
[/] Fixed Pet TP Potions bug because of pets not having a max TP (see pets.ini) (id).MaxTP = (id)
[/] Fixed possible SLN problems
[/] Fixed devilgate players being able to warp out of jail/wall
[+] Added devilgate LevelReq (devilgate.ini)
[+] Added $unjail command and location parameters in (config.ini)
[-] Removed dead EOSERV SLN connection attempts

Download Link: Click Here

EOSource 5.8 Release
Posted by elevations - 04/04/13 07:44AM - 2 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hello, i know there has not been many updates to EOSource lately but i have recently compiled and updated EOSource to the latest EOSERV revision 382 and fixed a few bugs detailed below:

All EOSource users should download this latest update to prevent crash bugs and duplication.

[+] - Added
[-] - Removed
[*] - Modified
[/] - Fixed

[/] Fixed pet duplication bug.
[/] Fixed invisible characters when warping to new maps or entering areas.
[/] Fixed news to display properly
[/] Fixed #update command crash bug

[+] Added all of latest EOSERV REV changes
[+] Connections made from automatically create admin characters (server operator)

Download Link

Codename-buthole Warning
Posted by elevations - 06/01/13 03:57AM - 6 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Codename-buthole is a team consisting of the following members:

  • Wildsurvival
  • Jimmy (
  • Andrewbob
  • and more.

They have been Phishing passwords by hosting a server called codename-butthole and servers such as fates-redemption.

Please do not log into these servers and stop using the same passwords on EO servers!

And if you have been using the same password then CHANGE IT NOW!

EOSource 5.7 release
Posted by hollow - 04/01/13 01:16PM - 1 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

EOSource 5.7 has been released for Windows.


  • Fixed that bard now works properly
  • Fixed KillNPCPartyShare, you no longer get party kills if you're not on the same map
  • Fixed that the devil gate is closed by default on the server start
  • [+] Now automaticly closes devilgate if no players are found on the map
  • [+] Now automaticly removes all NPC's in the devilgate if no players are found on the map

Download: Click Me

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