Admin Commands

The admin prefix below may be different than the syntax used on some servers, this is the default prefix though.

Admin Commands
Command Description
$sitem [item id] [amount] Spawns an item
$promote [name] [level] Promotes a player or admin.
$evacuate [map id] Evacuates a map.
$immune [name] Makes a player immune.
$learn [spell id] Learn a spell.
$set [name] [attribute] Set many attributes of a character.
$strip [name] Strip a character.
$freeze [name] Freeze a character.
$unfreeze [name] Unfreeze a character.
$copycat [name] Copies a character's style.
$jail [name] Jail a character,.
$wall [name] Wall a character.
$ban [name] [time] Ban a character.
$mute [name] Mute a character.
$board Views the board.
$info [name] Views a character's info.
$view [name] [inv/loc] Views a character's inventory and locker.
$global [on/off] Will enable and disable global.
$npc [npc id] or [npc name] Shows the NPC ID or NPC Name.
$item [item id] or [item name] Shows the Item ID or Item Name.
$class [class id] or [class name] Shows the Class ID or Class Name.
$spell [spell id] or [spell name] Shows the Spell ID or Spell Name.
$warpmeto [name] Warps you to a character.
$warptome [name] Warps a character to you.
$warp [map,x,y] Warps you or a character to a location.
$remap Updates an updated map.
$rehash Refreshes updated config files.
$repub Updates updated pub files.
$snpc [npc id] [amount] Spawns a npc.
$sitem [item id] [amount] Spawns an item.
$ditem [item id] [amount] Drops an item from your inventory on the ground.
$unjail [name] Unjails the character.
$unwall [name] Unwalls the character.
$delquests [name] Clears the character's quests.
$spawn [name] [pet id] Gives the character a pet.
$despawn [name] [pet id] Despawn's a character's pet.
$shutdown this will reboot the server.
$objects this will give information about a map.
$uptime this will show the server's uptime.
$quake [strength] Will cause an earthquake.
$hide This will hide the player.
$server [message] This will send a server message to every character.
$pk [on/off] Enables and disables global PK.
$global [on/off] Enables and disables the global chat.
$warpback [victim] Warps a player back to his old location.