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by Frost
Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:05 am
Forum: Projects / Servers
Topic: A&O Rebooted (now with preview video)
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RE: A&O Rebooted

Good Job, glad to see some projects still being worked on.
by Frost
Fri May 27, 2016 5:31 pm
Topic: [Release] Website log feeds
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RE: [Release] Website log feeds

Good stuff John, you're always coming up with great stuff to release to the public.
by Frost
Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:41 pm
Topic: Logo Needed
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RE: Logo Needed


Here is the Logo and the T-Shirt mock up here:
by Frost
Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:28 pm
Topic: Aeeria Quests - Free to use
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RE: Aeeria Quests - Free to use

Great release, I downloaded all of them lol.
by Frost
Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:40 pm
Topic: EOSource Patcher (Version 1.1)
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RE: EOSource Patcher (Version 1.1)

forge wrote:Upload source again i need :)

Just messaged Deaven about it, he should upload it again soon. (if he decides to)  8)
by Frost
Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:20 pm
Forum: Projects / Servers
Topic: Cloudy-Day
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RE: Cloudy-Day

Technically no. check out the other topic. its different from this one. this topic belongs to cloudy day main. and another one belongs to deadly cloudy day. If i had merged both topics, then for sure ppl wouldnt read that long topic. Technically you're right, but it's kinda twisting the rule just a...
by Frost
Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:50 pm
Topic: Hey Hollow
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RE: Hey Hollow

What is this madness? Providence is alive? bruhhhh hay m9
by Frost
Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:13 am
Forum: Projects / Servers
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Looks like a lot of work has been put into the art and map styles. Good luck with the server, I'll check it out soon.
by Frost
Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:11 am
Forum: EOSource Server
Topic: DisabledCommands
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RE: DisabledCommands

Problem Solved.
- Thread Closed.
by Frost
Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:09 am
Topic: CMD Closing (Starting server)
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RE: CMD Closing (Starting server)

Open your error.txt file and paste the last thing in it.
Make Sure:
You have pub files in the "pubs" Folder
same with maps, etc.

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