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RE: Adding Uniqueness to EO Private Servers

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:19 pm
by Garsor
Chaos wrote:You seem to have a great idea, and a lot of potential... Which is good. BUT, if you want to put all this effort into Endless Online then your wasting it. It isn't even worth the hassle and time lol. Widen your scope and implement your idea on a better game, worth wasting hours on bro. You'll thank me later

I kind of agree with you but at the same time I don't.. The Endless-Online community is dying, as Ariel mentioned.. I'm most likely not going to get 100+ players or probably barely any actually.. I want to bring more than just the Endless-Online community to this game though.. Well at least try.. I'm not expecting heaps of people to join.. Especially not at the start. Creating things have always been a hobby of mine. It was a satisfaction knowing that people enjoyed things that I created, in this case, an EO server. I loved it how people actually enjoyed playing it, and it was like a competition between servers to see who could get the most players. It's something I enjoy to do... Putting my ideas into use.. I'm not a pro at making games. I want to be some day. But not now. In fact I took a break from this project and decided to use my 20 dollars on PayPal for a Minecraft server host instead rather than this because I knew the Minecraft server would actually make me money from donators.. Sadly.. My host has ran out, and nobody donated.. There's 2 days left of my host and I did a good 28 days of advertising and working my ass off to make it a fun server.. But nobody could donate... Also I was trying to learn how to create a game in other game engines such as Unity or UDK, and I've been learning C++ in my class I'm taking computer science. But I've came back here to see if anyone new has replied to my thread.. I am going to start working on it again. I also have other ideas that I want to put to work, but for now I'm just going to work on this. You're right.. I'm probably not going to get many players. But I enjoy to see my ideas put to work and used. Satisfaction.