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[Akhiba Online]

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:18 pm
by serj
Hey guys,Serj here.

I'm posting this in regard to my new server ,[Akhiba Online].
I've put over 100hours of work in it to sort out the overall balance of the game. After so much work,and so little players online,I've started to get discouraged after a good start,but I'm not planning to give up just yet.
I've been trying to bring back the idea of teaming up when going to kill bosses and the necessity to socialize,because after all,EO is a socializing game.

That being said,here's a shitty preview i made with an Online VideoEditor
[Akhiba Online] - Trailer

Here's the Official Site
[Akhiba Online]

Port : 8079
Thanks for your time guys!

RE: [Akhiba Online]

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:39 am
by john
Good luck with the server!
Regarding getting discouraged, there isn't all that many endless players left in this community (as the Server List will verify), you will likely get a few people come and visit / play / check out your server from this community, however, may I suggest posting an advertisement for the server on a few other websites / gaming communities / top lists to generate some more player traffic?

Some of the websites that allow such things, that I use are...

Ragezone Forums
Facebook Page etc
Twitter etc if you have followers
Top 100 sites

Or maybe make a youtube trailer, views may turn into a % of new players.
Some free programs for this can be found with a little looking CamStudio is free, Fraps works quite well too, however, the registered version (without water mark) is for sale, it still can be found for free though as usual!