EOZombie [W.I.P]

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EOZombie [W.I.P]

Postby john » Fri May 20, 2016 7:24 am

Hi all, 

I have been tinkering with a new server idea for the last several months now, I am almost ready to open it up for beta testing!

To make this server different from the rest, I have attempted a very different approach this time round, I have written an introduction guide style quest to familiarize new players to the game mechanics, I will post exerts here to do the same thing.

- Food and Water -

At the top of your screen there are 4 bars, the red bar indicates health and hunger, the only way to refill this bar is with food, medicine or death.

The blue bar indicates hydration, this bar slowly decreases while in the wilderness and can only be refilled by drinking water or using medicine.

The white bar indicates stamina, this bar is directly tied to your hydration bar, the amount of hydration you leave your character on when you log out, will effect your characters stamina when you log in.

The gold bar indicates level up progress, when you level up, you will gain a bonus to all attributes! You will also gain 3 stat points to assign to a character trait.

- Stat Points -

When you level up, on top of the bonus to your statistics, you can assign specific points to shape your character exactly how you like.

To help you choose, please type the following command for stat information. /statpoints

Unlike traditional EO, you will grow stronger in everything by just leveling up! The stat points are for fine tuning.

- Formulas -

# HP, TP and SP calculation

hp = 50 2.5 level * 2.5 con * + +
tp = 100 2.5 level * 2.5 int * + 1.5 wis * + +
sp = 2 2 tp * +

# Max weight calculation
weight = 50 2.5 level * 0.5 str * + +

# Hit rate and damage
hit_rate = 100 modifier target_evade * / 0.8 1.0 critical ? 100 accuracy / + - 0.2 max 1.0 min
damage = 3 target_armor / modifier * damage - 0.1 damage * ceil max 1 1.5 critical ? *

# Class family stat calculation

# Class
class.0.damage = 3 2.5 level * 0.5 str * + 0.2 int * + +
class.0.accuracy = 3 2.5 level * 0.5 agi * + 0.2 wis * + +
class.0.evade = 3 2.5 level * 0.5 agi * + 0.2 wis * + +
class.0.defence = 3 2.5 level * 0.5 con * + 0.2 cha * + +

- Deadly Mode -

This is a Player vs Player / Survival / Zombies game, the gameplay reflects this as much as possible.

The only non-PvP areas, are the starting map and any Refuge. Antigank is enabled, meaning players can only engage in PvP with other players within 10 levels of their own level.

Deadly Mode means that all non-Lore items will be dropped upon your death, a 30 minute timer starts at that moment, your gear is protected from looting until it ends.

All equipment which can be equipped to your paperdoll, is set to Lore, this is to protect your crafted investments, but not any resources you happen to be caught carrying.

There is four Refuge's, ahead you will find the Innkeepers recruiting for them. PvP is disabled against members of the same Refuge, your fellow members will likely assist in defending against enemy intruders.

You can change Refuge at any time by speaking to another Innkeeper.

- Bounty Hunting -

Need someone taken out? Place a hit on them with the /bounty command!

To use the command, type /bounty followed by a players name, followed by the bounty in copper! /bounty zombie 1000 for example.

Bounties placed on a players head will accumulate until collected by any player able to kill them.

- Resources -

If you need leather, go kill an animal... need some mushrooms? Go and pick some! Unlike traditional EO, the world is full of loot!

The world has been designed as it should be in our view, where a plant has leaves that you can collect, trees have wood, rocks can be mined and practically everything you see on a map has a use.

If you need an income, you can sell your resources directly to the store, or craft them in to equipment and sell it for profit, or complete daily jobs.

- Intensive Training -

Each day (24h), you can visit the Intensive Training NPC, here you can pay a fee and increase a desired stat point!

You are required to reach a minimum of level 20 before you can start your intensive training however.

You can find this NPC located in any Refuge.

- Currency Exchange -

There are four primary currencies in use, Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can exchange these currencies at the Currency Exchange NPC, located in any Refuge.

- Daily Jobs -

Each day (24h) you can collect resources to assist in the general upkeep of your Refuge for a reward of currency and EXP.

- Zombies -

Oh yeah, there is Zombies (Undead), watch out for them!

Zombies spawn in 6 hours after they die, and their death is announced globally, along with the name of the player that killed it and their level. As we don't have any night/day options, this will have to do for now!

These NPC's are a lot stronger than other creatures, be careful! They also provide some larger exp bonuses and drops.

More information to be announced!

Visit me on social.nexfer.com if you would like to chat in more detail.

E.T.A on public access, 1 - 2 weeks.


Map a four corner world, north, east, south, west.
Connect all 4 wilderness maps (100x100 each = 400x400 wilderness).
Connect all Refuge maps to their corner of each wilderness map (150x150 territory each).
Create new item, npc, class, spell pub files.
Add class based Refuge system.
Add "chunk 1" items to item pub file.
Add renewable resource spawns and objects to wilderness maps (10 min timer x2 items each).
Add balanced and varied flora and fauna to wilderness maps.
Add resource drops to flora and fauna.
Add mining / woodcutting nodes / objects.
Add necessities to Refuge maps (food node, water spawns, crafting area, unload store, banking).
Add novelties to Refuge maps (guild master, top player board, hair dresser).
Add appearance changer scripted NPC to Refuge maps.
Add title changer scripted NPC to Refuge maps.
Add daily stat training scripted NPC to Refuge maps.
Add currency exchange scripted NPC to Refuge maps.
Add Innkeeper scripted NPC to Refuge maps.
Add armor crafting to Refuge maps.
Add weapon crafting to Refuge maps.
Add shield / arrow crafting to Refuge maps.
Add jewellery crafting to Refuge maps.
Add shoes crafting to Refuge maps.
Add food / drink crafting to Refuge maps.
Add communal farming daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal hunting daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal masonry daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal carpentry daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal tapping daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal smithing daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal skinning daily job to Refuge maps.
Add communal tanning daily job to Refuge maps.
Add introduction island map.
Add introduction guide scripted NPC to Intro Island map.
Add four corner Refuge Innkeepers to Intro Island map.
Add Solo Survival setup to Intro Island map.
Add home spawn locations.

To do:

PvP Balancing.
PvE Balancing.
Complete Client.
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