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jEndlessOnline - Cross Platform EO Client&Server

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:32 pm
by septharoth
Hello! I'm here to let everyone who isn't on EOServ to come check out the current project I've been working hard on.

It's a Java EO Client! This means cross platform! Mac, Linux, Windows.. well you know it!

First Day

First Day part 2
(can't use img tags on gifs)

After this, I started working on some basic UI layout (not permanent solutions, but temporary placement for debugging purposes, at this time there was no networking implemented.

Next update:
Started adding some networking stuff, and added chat (at this time, chat was sent via Console; printed to the chatbox, though!)

Following this, I added support for multiple clients, as well as rendering multiple clients. Now comes the fun part! Working on the Menu UI, account registration, and logging in/character creation without use of the console.

Finally broke down the wall I was stuck at where I couldn't figure out how to properly render user input to the screen without having constant flickering of the canvas, or incorrect/sluggish input.

(can't use img tags on gifs)

This leaves me at a point where I'm going to be implementing an SQL library, meaning account creation, account logging in, character creation, and proper data storing for clients. Once I've finished this up, I will work solely on rendering in-game content such as: User Interface, Entities(NPCs, Interact-able map objects, and whatever else is deemed an Entity). From there I will start working on server content to allow creation of a beautiful game world.

See you all soon!