Need assistance please

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Need assistance please

Postby hannah » Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:47 am

I am making a new server for family and friends, I have learned how to make pets, maps, new items and npcs so far, also someone showed me how to edit drops, quest and exp..where I'm stuck is going live. I have seen sausages old video on creating the server but for some reason it didnt portforward seems to be blocked so i went with sqL instead and that is working but it wont load my game I have tried several different things and I haven't added anything to the game yet I kinda wanted it live first then make changes just keep it under test. But I can't seem to make it go live does anyone know the steps to making it go live? Like I need the dummy version!! Very detailed or someone to walk me threw it via teamviewer please! I'm not very good at computers but I learn quickly.

So far I have downloaded the EO serv 0.6.2 file , SqL, Seose2EOSERV file
and of-coarse the mapper and stuff but as far as going live what am I missing?
Is that the only 3 I need or did I miss something?

Please someone help me
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RE: Need assistance please

Postby Respalter » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:07 am

Keep researching! it's there if you really look for it! i would tell u but im about to leave for work!

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