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Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:53 pm
by Swagdin
It's time, I have decided that I would make my next Staff Application. This one will have more things said about me and the facts about what I'm capable of doing. I totally know why the previous moderators have been demoted. I thought about giving another shot at it and tell you what I like to do and what I'm capable of doing. Hope you enjoy.

Facts about me:
I'm an outgoing guy.
I like to commucate and treat others the way I like to be treated.
I know my distances when it comes to outgoing arguments.
Love to hang out with everyone that wants to hang out with me. (no matter what race)
When someone is being picked on, I like to back the person that's being bullied.
Im on EOSource almost 16 hours a day. (tell me if im wrong)

Things I enjoy and good at:
Love learning how to code, even though i'm not to good at. (ask Providence.)
Writing all .ini's
Using paint for special reasons.
Cracking jokes and having a good time.
Being a active person, mostly on Eosource.

Why you should pick me:
The reason why you should pick me is because I can solve most of the problems on a server. I enjoy helping people not just to get my rep up, but to make others happy. I like helping others more then I can help me self. As you guys may not know, I'm on Eosource alot, and I do solve lots of problems. I'm very capable of what I do and have no problem doing it.
I can write ini's and enjoy them. I can solve errors on a server and enjoy it, and feel proud of my self.

Things that I can help with Eosource Forum:
Help others write .ini's.
Help people that is having problems portfowarding.
Setup a server for a beginner on the best Rev (Eosource).
I can make commands with the calls and checks Eosource provides with.
I can advertise the Forum and get us tons of users.
I can stop a argument with one and other in a second.
And last, I can make Eosource a better, and a funner community.

Me being a moderator will make the Eosource a community not just for servers, but for a place that someone will hate to leave.

Note: I'm re-applying with the same app as it tells everything about me.

Some of my work:

Code: Select all

MaxWaves = 10

RewardID = 1
RewardAmount = 25000

StartTimer = 30
AllowPets = no

DevilSpawnX.1 = 9
DevilSpawnY.1 = 10

DevilSpawnX.2 = 17
DevilSpawnY.2 = 18

1.WaveNPC = 7
2.WaveNPC = 10
3.WaveNPC = 170
4.WaveNPC = 81
5.WaveNPC = 86
6.WaveNPC = 103
7.WaveNPC = 171
8.WaveNPC = 95
9.WaveNPC = 117
10.WaveNPC = 122

1.NPCAmount = 15
2.NPCAmount = 12
4.NPCAmount = 10
5.NPCAmount = 9
6.NPCAmount = 7
7.NPCAmount = 5
8.NPCAmount = 3
9.NPCAmount = 2
10.NPCAmount = 1

Location = 26,12,29

Code: Select all

PetAmount = 1

RevivalPotion = 13
MultiplePets = no
AllowPetsToDie = yes
DefaultPetName = Pet Goat
PetInventoryItemID = 408

1.NpcID = 258
1.EggID = 10
1.SpellID = 4
1.HatchEggID = 10
1.HatchLevelRequirement = 1

258.SpellID = 4
258.PetHeal = 10
258.PetMessage1 = Baaah, Baaah.
258.PetSpellTimer = 3

HealLevelRequirement = 1
SpellsLevelRequirement = 1
PettalkLevelRequirement = 1
PetdropsLevelRequirement = 1
PetInventoryLevelRequirement = 1

Code: Select all

Amount = 1

1.GiftID = 491

1.Chance = 95
1.Effect = 0

1.MinRewardID = 2
1.MaxRewardID = 491

1.MinAmountID = 1
1.MaxAmountID = 1

ExceptID = 204,208,201,171,2

Code: Select all

RewardID = 491
RewardAmount = 1

EventTimer = 1200
DisqualifyTimer = 60

Winchance = 35
MaxAdminLevel = 1

Amount = 1

1.Direction = 2
1.PlayerLocation = 28,8,6

EventLocation = 28,8,13

RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:49 pm
by Providence
Swagdin wrote:Im on EOSource almost 16 hours a day. (tell me if im wrong)

With you going to school everyday I don't see how that's possible. You would have to be online right now which you aren't.


RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:02 pm
by Swagdin
Eh, had guest and looking for a bed set today. But I'm on frequently.

RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:09 pm
by Providence
I was just busting your balls, I know you're active.

RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:14 pm
by Swagdin
Added a couple .ini's. If you want me to make one i'll gladly do so.

RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:20 pm
by Frost
I've seen your work and I've seen how active you are, you are online almost everyday, as so am I and many others, but besides being active.. you do know a lot about eosource and how it works. (also somethings about clients, and maps etc..)
Personally I think we have lots of that but its always good to have an extra pare of hands, my answer is a yes, based of your experience not on how active you are, but I do say this, In the past you have got into some fights with people around eosource, but I've seen lately that has changed, and that's another reason why my answer is yes, good luck on the position.

RE: Swagdin's Application.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:28 pm
by Swagdin
Well noone stays the same. I'll try my best to make Eosource a variety of different things.