2D RPG -Dunlore Classic

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2D RPG -Dunlore Classic

Postby matiasmunk » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:50 pm

Hi everyone, I am not sure if you are familiar with the game Dunlore, it was released some few years ago and unfortunately shut down..
The creator might be continuing the project soon though, which I'm very excited for.
Anyway, before Beta came out there was Dunlore 1.2 Alpha, which was a singleplayer game, unlike Beta which was online.
I will be creating a clone of Dunlore 1.2 Alpha and create a small community off of that, and I hope I will see some people there when time comes :)

The game will be created in C++/Allegro 5 and MAYBE a small amount of SDL (SDL_Mixer) to play original Dunlore midi files for music as Allegro 5 doesn't support this extension, otherwise I'll just go with the .ogg files of the music that Exiled (Creator) created for me, though it doesn't sound the same it actually does sound a little more realistic.
-Menu State finished
-Login Window finished
-Create Window finished
-Play State (Under dev)

Videos of the game:
[color=black]Video 1
-Map editor (Under work)
v0.1 [color=black]Click here for a video of the map editor
v0.2 Click here for a video for v0.2 of the map editor


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