All purpose Social Network website (HTML / PHP)

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All purpose Social Network website (HTML / PHP)

Postby john » Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:26 am


Nexfer Social is a Social Network, and free open source social networking server.

It has been created by numerous modifications of the following open source software / scripts / modifications, in HTML / PHP with styling in CSS.

Control panel: Xampp - by Apache Friends -
Web server: Apache - by The Apache Software Foundation -
Database server: MariaDB - by The MariaDB Foundation -
PhpBB: Forums - by phpBB open source bulletin board -
PhpBB: Modifications - by phpBB open source bulletin board -
PhpBB: Social Network - by phpBB Social Network -
Php: Modifications - by John Becket -
Website: Sky - by John Becket -

More about the project can be read here -


Clean white-space styled forums board.
Social walls, user walls and forums thread to users home page (The World Wide Forum) feeds.
Instant Messenger system incorporated throughout.
Friend inviting, group creation.
Forums contribution points system / currency / banking / lottery (Contribution Points CP).
User medals system.
User ranking system.
Post evaluation system.
The Nex List system, free advertising space on for your nexfer social website if required.
Share topic buttons for Facebook and Twitter on new forums posts.
Custom colored names system
Updated user avatar system.
Updated user profile system.
(Total of 21 official Phpbb modifications + numerous php modifications).

This website does not have any EO specific components such as game account management etc, however, these could be added to it without much issue and provides a social network / forums for your users.

*check the thread EOSource web plugins if required*

This package can be downloaded as a complete version, including a web server and database server, or as the htdocs and sql file in the lite package.

Custom in-themed pages can be added to it without much issue, I can modify things if needed per request.
Examples of custom in-themed pages -

A free registration is usually required to access the download links on, we do not require any personal information but this process helps the project grow, as it is still very new (went live 23rd of October 2015).
However, EOSource people as usual are awesome so here are the download links -

Nexfer Social Complete (default)
- The complete package includes the web server, database server and website installed and configured.
- Download Nexfer Social Complete (.rar archive) from Mega -!RJE2jLgZ!7qpzgM3wqvNJ ... 7jCzwHQpR8
- Download Nexfer Social Complete (.zip archive) from Mega -!QU1RVKiS!axJHI8aQFnEA ... arzO-PyXZc

Nexfer Social Lite (advanced)
- The lite package is for those that do not require a web server or database server and just includes the htdocs and sql.
- Download Nexfer Social Lite (.rar archive) from Mega -!hAsEDJ5S!1DHapbVssDTz ... hCFhHeiVB0
- Download Nexfer Social Lite (.zip archive) from Mega -!tJFn0TBA!8rbQYFmdUJRC ... GALUb5BPF8

(click on download through your browser option for regular downloading)

Free registration page -
Downloads page -
Home page / demo (click on social for demo) -


Logged out -

Logged in -

Social wall -

User wall -

Forums board -
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