[GUIDE] How to successfully register a new account on EOSource.net

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[GUIDE] How to successfully register a new account on EOSource.net

Postby Providence » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:52 am

Before you make a post saying how easy and pointless this is.. you are very wrong. There is in fact people who don't understand what to do. Like Smexy for example.

So after you have registered and the confirmation email has been sent you will get an email that will look something like this;

Code: Select all

To complete the registration process on EOSource Forum, you will need to go to the URL below in your web browser.


If the above link does not work correctly, go to


You will need to enter the following:
Username: (Your username here) (Or your email address)
Activation Code: (Your activation code here)

Thank you,
EOSource Forum Staff

This is where people seem to get lost, the links ARE NOT clickable. You have to manually go into your browser and type www.eosource.net/forum/member.php?actio ... e=jBNWJJB9 OR www.eosource.net/forum/member.php?action=activate to successfully activate your account.

I'm going to stick this thread for the new comers that do not understand this simple task.
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