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EOSource 6.7 release

Postby Hollow » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:16 pm

Click here to download it.


[+] Added AllowTalking option in pet.ini and a command to hide messages when a pet tries to pick up an item or has no TP to heal it's owner
[+] Added an option in misc.ini to enable regeneration items, turned off on default as it may conflict with main EO's pubs unknown values
[+] Added an option in equipment.ini to increase weight capacity by equipping a bag.

[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by spawning a pet that's killed through the $dnpc command.
[/] Fixed that if no specific armor is set in CTF or PVP the armor of a player no longer disappears.
[/] Fixed a bug that caused your character to refresh by unequipping an item if you have an item with subtype HiddenHair equiped

[*]Character names in console messages now start with a capital letter.

Including the updates of EOSource version 6.6 which is no longer available:

[/] Fixed pet HP and TP potions, which didn't work if a pet had either full HP or TP
[/] Fixed pet TP resetting to 0 when players despawn their pet
[/] Fixed a bug where $setname wouldn't transfer the owner's name
[/] Fixed AOE spells cast time being ignored
[/] Fixed partymaps not warping players out
[/] Fixed partymaps showing incorrect messages
[/] Fixed GambleChance not working properly and GambleLimit status message

[+] Added #pet transfer command to sell your pet to a another player (still requires testing)
[+] Added KickTimer for partymaps so people still have time to re-group. (still requires testing)
[+] Added freeze and hide spell in spells.ini (hide is self cast, freeze is not) (still requires testing)
[+] Added PVP event in pvp.ini (still requires testing)

[+] Added the option to open your pet's inventory and despawn it when players click on their pet
[+] Added that the subtype property "Hidden Hair" in editpub now hides hair when equipping that item
[+] Added an option to log private messages (off on default), drops, junk, pickups and trades
[+] Added DisabledCommands in config.ini to list players commands you don't want to use on your server
[+] Client connections are no longer rejected on localhost when reconnecting too fast (
[+] Added option in buffspells.ini and buffitems.ini to remove an active buff
[+] Added exp and drop rate buffs in buffitems.ini and buffspells.ini
[+] Added equipment.ini to add support for rebirth level requirements
[+] Added new quest rules: Class(class), LostClass(class), ResetDaily(arg), DoneDaily(arg), Rolled(arg, arg)
[+] Added new quest actions: GiveSpell(spellid) RemoveSpell(spellid), Roll(arg,arg)
[+] Added support for self and group buffs instead of target-buffs only
[+] Added option to disable target buffs in PK zones
[+] Added options to pets.ini to allow and disallow specific pet abilities such as healing and melee
[+] Added option to enable/disable earthquakes in the devilgate to prevent disconnections and lag
[+] Added a timed effect to buffspells/buffitems configurable in buffspells.ini/buffitems.ini and misc.ini
[+] Added that players in CTF that get hit are now being warped back to the base spawn area
[+] Added poison spells to poison players in PK in poison.ini
[+] Added several improvements from the latest EOSERV revisions

[-] Removed exchange command
[-] Removed $devil command
[-] Removed $ctf command

Note: Devil and CTF are still there but can be started through a timer

[*]Re-organized config files in /config/
[*]Renamed RebornLevel to RebirthLevel
[*]Renamed MaxReborn to MaxRebirth
[*]Changed all names in pets.ini
[*]Pets no longer require index ID 30, though npc type quest is still required (experimental)
[*]The quest box popping up when attempting to equip a member item is now a status message
[*]You can no longer buff people in PK zones other than yourself and your party members
[*]Lowered the earthquake strength in the devil gate to prevent lag and disconnections
[*]$repub is now quiet on default, write $repub announce to announce for people to re-log
[*]$remap now allows you to add/remove new maps without restart [usage: $remap id]
[*]Devil gate closing timer has been set from 5 to 10 seconds
[*]Several EOSourceGUI improvements have been made
[*]Linking to MariaDB concerning http://eoserv.net/forum/topic/23138
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RE: EOSource 6.7 release

Postby Omen » Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:28 am

This looks great man, cant wait to get a laptop and throw a server together. What does the roll do? And can aoe aggro and buff spells be setup to cast in a perimeter around your character by just pressing a hotkey?
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RE: EOSource 6.7 release

Postby Hollow » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:26 am

Roll is something that Sausage added in 1 of the latest versions of EOSERV, honestly i'm not quite sure what it does. I'll / someone will have to test it. And buff spells can be used as self cast, can be cast on victims or on ur party as group spell.

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