Server Features
Feature Description
Spells EO Spells (small thunder, heal, group heal etc)
EO + Quest System A quest scripting system. (Create your own quests!)
EO + Command System A command scripting system (Create your own commands!).
KS Protection (Optional) KS protection on npc's (excluding boss npcs).
Guilds + guild-disband EO guilds and fully-working.
Pets (Optional) Atacking pets, healing pets, pets picking up drops, pet talking, pet spells and alot more.
Formulas.ini (class stats) Formulas working able to change starting class stats and stat distrubition.
Packet Spam Protection All crash bugs fixed which were used to crash servers such as EE, BU.
Chat Logger (Optional) Logs all chats into text files such as (public, private, global, party etc)
Fishing, Mining, Cooking, Woodcutting (Optional) Able to fish, mine, cook, woodcut by editing the config files for each of them.
Bot (Optional) Bot that stays on the map wearing custmizeable clothes and also helps you stay on SLN.
Enable/Disable Registration (Optional) Allows you to enable/disable registration.
Changeable Admin Prefix and Player Prefix Allows you to change #/$ command starters to a different symbol.
Law/Marriages working. Allows you to get married! can also configure other settings for it in config.ini
SEOSE Compatability Allows you to convert and use a SEOSE database (SEOSE2EOSERV)
Warps (Optional) Allows you to create #warp commands e.g #warp dragon
Skillmasters EO skillmasters are working! (No class requirement problem like other servers)
Events Allows you to create customizeable events like runescape!
PK Party Protection (Optional) When in PK and in a party you won't hurt each other!
PK Guild Protection (Optional) When in PK and are in the same guild you won't hurt each other!
Spikes/Map Draining/Map earthquakes Spikes working, HP/TP draining working, Map earthquakes working.
Harvesting(Optional) Configurable harvesting system
Shaving (Optional) Configurable NPC shave system!
Giftboxes (Optional) Two kinds of fully working giftbox systems!
AOE Weapons Area of effect weapons.
NPC Speech Make npc's talk!
Potions Configurable Potions! (As well for pets)
Welcome Message (Optional) Welcome Message when new players start!
Hidden Mode No Npc Attack When hidden no npc's will attack you.
Anti Gank Players with a big difference in levels cannot attack each other.
Achievements Configurable achievements to get rewards.