Setting up EOSource

EOSource is so simple to operate and setup your own private server compared to its #1 competitor, EOSERV. But some of you still might be wondering 'what the hell do I do first?' Here is a step by step guide made by myself. Feel free to post errors you encounter.

Step 1. (Downloading EOSource): Download any version of EOsource. This can be found here: (Downloads -> EOSource Revisions)

Step 2. (Extracting EOSource): Extract the EOSource folder onto your desktop. And open it. You can rename it to whatever you want.

Step 3. (Adding pubs and maps): Open the data folder. Add your maps and pubs into their specified folders. Don't have a pubs folder use the one it already comes with or go to and download this to retrieve it.

Step 4. (Configuring the server): Its time to configure you server. I wouldn't play around with it much since you are new to making servers and aren't sure of what everything means. However these are the main things you should do to get your server running. Go to the config.ini and scroll down until you see ## Start location. This is where players including you will spawn when the visit your server. Heres an example of what your editing looks like, what it means, and how to find it.

## Start location (number)

# Map players do spawn on

StartMap = 0

StartX = 0

StartY = 0

To find the corordinates of a map open a map editor. And find the map you want your players to spawn on. The names you should have named your maps are for example: 00001.emf. Go back to the config of EOSource and you have found the StartMap =. You only put the number of the map NOT .emf/0000. For example mine would look like this:

StartMap = 1

Now to find your x and y coordinates. Open the map. Using your mouse, hover over the tile you want your players to spawn on. At the bottom right corner of the map editor you should see (A number)x(A number). For example, mine looks like 15x5. The first number is your x value and the second number is your y value. Add the x value to the StartX = and add the y value to the StartY = . For example, mine looks like this:

## Start location (number)

# Map players do spawn on

StartMap = 1

StartX = 15

StartY = 5

Step 6 (Turning off webCP): Above ## Start location is ## AllowStats. Disable it by typing no where AllowStats = yes, ifyou dont use webCP which in this case you dont. Now it should look like this:

## AllowStats (bool)

# Allow WebCP to retrieve stats from your server (eg. online count)

# You might want to disable this if you don't use WebCP

AllowStats = no

Step 7 (configuring Port): Now go into you config.ini and change the port to the port you are port forwarding to. For example mine is 8079.

## Port (number)

# The port the server should listen on

Port = 8079

Step 8 (Port Forwarding): Remember to save! Now you can exit off the config and go back to the main index of your EOSource database and click the EOSource application to run your server.. If you are portforwarded and don't receive an error saying something like ERROR:SLNbind then you can skip this step. But if you do receive that error you either portforwarded wrong or havent portfowarded at all. You might be thinking'Dammit I give up port-forwarding is to hard for someone with little experience with computers' or 'Ohh noo my mom has a password on the router'. Well none of that matters with the fairly new port-forwarding program made by Wildsurvival. To get this wonderful program thats easy as pie even if your high, go to the EOSource webpage>>Downloads>>EOtools>>PortForwarder. And download it. Once its downloads extract, open and run the program.

Port- is the port the server runs on. Usually 8078, and if you still get a binding error. It means something is already using that port so choose 8079.